South African Venture Capital ( is managed by Business Listings Group LLP.

Business Listings Group LLP is a full-service consultancy for advising and delivering solutions for Companies for listing in financial markets, developing of financial markets, marketing and public relations for companies, digitalization of financial and marketing strategies, social media marketing, and online publications.

Business Listings Group LLP owns over 100 digital brands with over 1,000 websites that assist companies in Stock Exchange Listings, administrative documentation and due diligence, as well as “going to market” strategies for firms looking to raise capital or gain exposure for their business.

Business Listings Group under its brands “Stock Exchange Listings”, “FSE Listings”, “Go Public” (over 50 different countries), “Financing In” (Over 50 different Countries), and various other brands own the publication of information that assists firms to understand the process and services required to go public.

In addition, with the onset of alternative financing methods, consulting on Crowd Funding strategies, Venture Capital financing, and Debt instruments (Bond Listings) is included in the core base of skills and services delivered by Business Listings Group LLP.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Listings Group LLP also acts as a “match-maker” for the firms looking to sell their businesses and eager buyers who contract BLG to find the right potential take-overs for their firm. Through brands focusing on Bank Licenses, Brokers, and Businesses for sale, the company has developed a network of interested “Buyers” of firms. Business Listings Group is constantly in contact with the market through their Licensed Broker and Investment Firm partners who address any regulated requirement that Business Listings Group LLP is not registered for.


Business Listings Group through online publications and proprietary content and manuals, effectively training businesses

  • How to access capital, become public companies, and manage the financial market obligations.
  • Utilize social media and alternative financial platforms to access capital and build a tested brand of loyal investors and customers
  • Increase the Sales of the organization, business development, and development of material agreements that increase the company value and shareholder value
  • Preparation of companies and projects for “Project” and “Mega” Financing, including the due diligence packaging, financial offering, and project management of the projects
  • Mentoring of companies for business development and financial market management
  • Governance and ongoing Obligations for Corporations

Custom Software Development

Business Listings Group also works with custom software developers for the development of financial communities such as Venture Capital networks, Crowd Funding “Portals”, Stock Exchange Platforms, Match-Making Platforms, and trading systems.

A Global Network

Business Listings Group LLP Brands and trained professionals have had experience with over 3000 primary, secondary, and cross listings globally. Having worked with over 15+ different capital markets, which include local partnerships with Auditors, Brokers or Financial Advisors, Law Firms, Trustees, Custody Firms, clearing and settlement, Banks, Venture Capital firms, Online Investment Portals and communities, as well as Exchanges, the reach of Business Listings Group LLP is global.

Companies can build strategies to go public within Canada (TSX listings and Canadian Stock Exchange Listings), the USA (NASDAQ, NYSE and OTCQX), UK (LSE Listings and AIM Listings), Ireland, Sweden (OMX Listings), France (NYSE Euronext – Marche Libre), Austria (Vienna Stock Exchange), Australia (ASX Listings), Poland, Cyprus (CSE Listings Cyprus Stock Exchange Listings), Germany (FSE Listings and Berlin), Malta, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Mauritius, South Africa (JSE Listings and new alternative listings), and several other African markets.

With an international team of partners, the consortium of Business Listings Group LLP is capable of guiding any business and entrepreneur through the complexities of accessing capital and financial market admissions and management.

Due to the extensive size of the consortium and its service providers, a wide network of professionals is available for accessing capital, professional advice, mergers and acquisitions, and business development.